Joel Egelman

B.S Psychology
University of Colorado-Boulder

Lab Pack Awareness
Hazard Communication
Years of Experience – 12 years

Overview of Experience
Joel Egelman has owned and operated, HPP Inc., a commercial and multi-family painting company for the last 8 years. He started painting houses during the summers and started a company from scratch to a firm that has a long list of satisfied clients, including Wal-Mart, restaurants, shopping strips and mid size apartment complexes. After starting a drywall division, he started receiving requests to remove asbestos within drywall.

In November of 2008, Joel Egelman along with Bob Phillips, started Asbestos Abatement, Inc.. The company has grown due to exceptional service and communications. The company has many reference projects and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Joel is married with 2 boys

Currently serves on the board of Gateway Battered Women’s Services ( a non-profit dedicated to eradicating domestic violence)

Currently a member in good standing in: RMPCA, NARPM, CEPA, IAQA

U.S. Navy Honorably Discharged

Jesse Mount

Overview of Experience

Jesse Mount has 13+ years in the abatement industry. Born and raised in Washington state, he started earning money in the summer mowing lawns, pulling weeds and painting houses. At 16, Jesse started working at Washington Hardware and Furniture where he assisted customers and delivered furniture.

Jesse met his wife and, after High School, started working for his soon to be father-in-law. He got his start in abatement by renovating and removing asbestos and lead paint from the barracks of Fort Lewis military base outside of Tacoma Washington. A little more than a year later in 2004, Jesse and his new wife moved to Colorado along with his in-laws due to the opportunities Colorado offered in the abatement industry.

Jesse has 2 children and recently celebrated 13 years of marriage. In their free time, Jesse and his family like to travel to California, Washington and New Mexico to visit family and friends.

Jesse has now been with Asbestos Abatement for 3 years. He came on as a worker, then worked his way up to Supervisor and now, for little more than a year, has been a Project Manager for AAI. Jesse is eager for any opportunities afforded him by Asbestos Abatement and looks forward to many more years of growth within the company.

Jay Walsh

Overview of Experience

Jay was born and raised in Colorado. Growing up in North Denver, Jay has seen the beautiful state of Colorado grow into a metropolis and the gateway to the Rocky Mountains.

Jay attended the University of Wyoming. And continued his education while abroad working for resort companies in Mexico, Caribbean, and Dominican Republic. Since returning to the United States in 1999, Jay has been in the construction industry for the past 19 years. Along with working for multiple home builders, Jay as 8 years of experience in mold, biohazard, fire and asbestos abatement.

He enjoys everything that Colorado can offer in outdoor activities which includes skiing, windsurfing, fishing, hunting and hiking.
Jay relishes every minute he can spend with his daughter who seems to be becoming a teenager right before his eyes.

Jen Egelman
Financial Officer

Before joining her husband Joel at AAi, Jen spent five years teaching high school Spanish. From there, she wrote copy for and edited various publications, such as magazines related to nursing, heavy equipment and electric cars, while contributing articles to a local weekly newspaper. Later, she put her language skills back to good use, translating pediatric patient care documents into Spanish. Meanwhile, Joel started HPP, a residential and commercial painting company, and Jen spent several years overseeing and participating in an endurance running training program. Eventually Jen took over HPP and ran the business for four years when Joel and his original business partner Bob Phillips started AAi. When Bob retired in 2014, Jen joined the company as administrative assistant. Her place in the company has changed over time, but now she’s settled as the company’s financial officer.

Jen is a Colorado native. She and Joel are raising two sons who are off to college far too soon! Jen’s hobbies are reading, doing word finds, and weight lifting.


Shauna is very modest and won’t take a picture of herself, so we added one for her. Shauna comes to AAI with a background in administration and office management in the financial services industry. Prior to that, she enjoyed homeschooling her children. She is a Colorado native who loves to travel and hike with her boyfriend and border collie.