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How Much Money Would You Take For Your Lungs?

Friendly Reminder: You Can’t Live Without Them

Around here, we’re quite excited about the new football coaches we have taking over our struggling teams.

The Broncos have a new coach, and by all accounts, he means business.  And up in Boulder?  “Coach Prime” is practically reinventing the Colorado Golden Buffaloes, who are sure to do better than their 1-11 record from last year.

(How did they ever win one?)

In case you haven’t been following CU football closely, you might not know that Coach Prime has had some serious surgeries on his feet.  He’s had to have some toes removed, just to save the rest of a foot.  And that’s got to be quite a loss for a man who was once a premier gridiron star.

But, speaking of losing body parts, I have a question for you:

What are your lungs worth?

Even if you’re a heavy smoker (gosh, I hope not), you need those lungs.

So if anyone – a lawyer, Dr. Frankenstein, or some other weirdo – offered you, say, a million dollars for your lungs… would you take that deal?

How about two million?  Ten million?

I’m just asking.  Not because I’m in the market for your lungs.  Heh heh, no, far from it.  I’m asking because if you’re trying to live or work in a place that’s contaminated by airborne asbestos, and you think getting the problem solved is too expensive, you’re basically selling your lungs, and selling them cheap.

Here’s the truth: Asbestos is legal, and potentially dangerous, and all around you.

Don’t cough – let me explain.

Yes, asbestos was illegal in the U.S. for about a hot minute, several decades ago.  But the courts reversed that ban, and now, though it’s still illegal to produce asbestos or manufacture with it in America, it’s perfectly legal to import the ugly stuff as a component of a variety of products, from cosmetics to pipe insulation.

In its manufactured state, asbestos isn’t dangerous.  But it’s basically a rock (which makes it cheap to use in manufacturing), and if it’s disturbed, it breaks into microscopic shards which can, over time, impale themselves in your lungs and cause fatal diseases.  So yes, its potential for danger is significant.

And it is all around you!  From your floor tiles to your daughter’s fake jewelry (not kidding), asbestos is a component of many of the materials in your home or place of business.  And if it’s disturbed, by something as simple as a flood caused by a broken pipe… you could have a problem with contamination.

So don’t take a chance!  If you have any suspicions about possible airborne asbestos, have your place professionally tested.  And if there’s a problem, we can solve it for FAR less than you probably think.

Every property is different, so I can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll pay to have the air in your home made 100% asbestos-free.  But I can tell you that, whatever your abatement cost will be, you would NEVER sell your lungs (or even your toes) for so little.

We’ll be happy to help you save money, but we’re more inspired by helping you save your life.  If you have any worries about asbestos contamination, give your friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. a call, and let us take those worries off your mind.  It won’t cost you an arm and a leg… or a lung, or a toe!