Hooray!  A New Chapter In U.S. Asbestos History

I’m weeping.  Give me a minute. These are happy tears, though.  Happy because, after thirty-plus years since a partial ban on asbestos in the United States was overturned, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has instituted a new regulation banning the ugly stuff...
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Nothing Smells Quite Like Asbestos

… Because You CAN’T Smell Asbestos If you look (look?) around, you’ll notice there are a lot of things you can smell. Smell around, and you’ll likely detect: Evidence of your teenage kid’s bean-heavy diet The hog rendering plant in your neighborhood,...
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Lead Poisoning From… Kids’ Applesauce Pouches? … We Wish We Were Making This Up As you undoubtedly know, asbestos is ugly.  It’s a cancer-causing rock, basically, which is so dangerous it was banned in the U.S. for a short time 40-ish years...
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