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Asbestos is still legal?!?!?!

Yes, Asbestos Is Still Legal

… It’s Ugly, It’s A Bear, But It’s Still All Around Us


There’s an ugly forest fire raging in the mountains west of Denver these days, and firefighters have dubbed it The Grizzly Creek Fire.


Which reminds me, of course, that asbestos is still legal in the U.S., and despite what many people believe, there’s deadly cancer-causing asbestos all around us.


Maybe asbestos is a little too close to the top of my mind at all times… but here’s why The Grizzly Creek Fire reminds me of the ugly burden our nation STILL carries when it comes to asbestos.


  • First, it’s a fire.  Which reminds me that asbestos is not dangerous when it stays undisturbed as a component of your property’s building materials, such as floor and ceiling tiles and plumbing insulation… but when it’s disturbed, which is the case when your property suffers a fire, asbestos breaks into zillions of microscopic airborne shards which have been proven to cause mesothelioma lung cancer.


  • Also, it’s grisly.  Nobody wants a raging forest fire in their state.  And smoke is not something you want to inhale a lot of.  But even smoke is a little less likely to kill you than asbestos, which is also far too easy to breathe in.


  • Finally, just about anything reminds me of the threat of asbestos.  That’s why I started Asbestos Abatement, Inc. – asbestos is a horrible burden in the United States, and too few people are aware of the threat.


At Asbestos Abatement, Inc., our mission is to shout the asbestos warning from every mountain top (well, from every mountain top that isn’t currently on fire).  And to help people deal with this ugly, cancer-causing burden.



But I Thought Asbestos Was Illegal!


That’s because asbestos was actually outlawed by the U.S. government for about a hot (smile) minute, several decades ago.


But economic and political pressures (read: lobbyists) led to a reversal of much of the protections that had been established against the threat of asbestos exposure.


So you still can’t mine or manufacture asbestos in the United States… but you can import it, both in its raw form and as a component of a wide array of products, from building materials to makeup and jewelry.


You read that right: even makeup and jewelry containing asbestos can still be sold in the U.S.!


It’s true: importing asbestos and asbestos-containing products into the United States is still legal… and tons and tons of the ugly stuff is imported into the country every year.


Asbestos is still legal, and it’s all around us, all the time.



Get your property tested, and your asbestos abated, and you won’t have to worry about contracting mesothelioma, which is nearly 100% fatal (as opposed to the current nasty bug going around, which is less than 2% fatal).  Asbestos is a grisly burden to bear (not to be confused with a grizzly bear, which is a completely different, uh, animal).  But it’s a solvable problem… and we’re here to help you solve it!