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Indoor Mold Removal Facts

Mold growth can take place in hard to see or reach areas of properties, like attics, underneath floor boards and behind walls. You may not even realize that mold is growing, but that doesn’t stop it from causing harmful health effects that include asthma flare-ups, allergies and respiratory problems. These effects can be especially harsh on children and the elderly.

There are many different types of mold, but the usual ones that you’ll find growing inside of a home or commercial property are green mold (Peniccillium/Aspergillus) and black mold (Stachybotrys). The green type can cause infections in the eyes, nose, brain, lungs, sinuses and ears. Black is considered toxic mold. It is slimy and can be found growing in wet drywall, carpet, wallpaper and ceiling tiles.

It’s best to have any mold growths remediated by a professional removal service. When hiring an expert here for Denver mold removal, you should expect the following process:

  • Visual inspection
  • Testing of mold samples
  • Removal of contaminated furniture and materials
  • Removal of excess mold spores
  • Cleaning of affected areas using safe chemicals

Several types of professional equipment may be used during the mold remediation process, including a moisture meter, a humidity gauge, a dry ice blaster, a borescrope and a themographic camera. The need for special equipment and gear makes it all the more important to hire a professional mold removal company to restore the safety of your home or commercial property.

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