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Asbestos Abatement: It’s a bargain?

Asbestos Abatement: It’s A Bargain

… And It Certainly Costs Less Than The Alternative

As avid readers of this space are aware, we like to keep the sad and scary topic of asbestos contamination more on the light, fun side.  After all, don’t we all have enough sad and scary stuff to deal with every day?

It’s a bit of a challenge to keep the topic light, since it’s actually serious business.  But this month, we’ll have fun with the aspects of asbestos contamination which relate to spending exorbitant amounts of money, and, well, death.

Fun, huh?

You see, if you are around airborne asbestos for some period of time… if you inhale much of that contaminated air… you’re at extreme risk of contracting mesothelioma lung cancer.  And the two most super fun things about mesothelioma, of course, are these:

There’s no cure for mesothelioma, and

Mesothelioma is fatal.

Yes, acute exposure to airborne asbestos will make you painfully sick, and then kill you.  Fun, fun!

The Good News

Here’s the good news: Asbestos is not dangerous if it’s left undisturbed.

Asbestos is everywhere around you – in your flooring, your ceiling tiles, your wall boards, your plumbing insulation, and even in your teenage daughter’s faux jewelry (not making this up).  And as long as your flooring, ceiling tiles, daughter’s bling, etc. are not disturbed, you’re in no danger.

More good news: If you do end up with an asbestos contamination problem, you can have it thoroughly abated by a professional company that knows what it’s doing.  If you don’t know of such a company, give me a call.  I do.

Final bit of good news: The U.S. federal government, ever the vigilant watchdogs of the health of our citizens, banned asbestos in America in the 1980s.

And The “Other” News

Here’s a bit of “bad” (such a negative word) news:

Asbestos isn’t dangerous when it’s undisturbed, but something as seemingly insignificant as a small house fire, or a flood due to a broken pipe, or a DIY project gone wrong (thanks, Nephew!) will disturb it.  That means it will break into little microscopic shards that invade your lungs and bless you with the aforementioned mesothelioma.

Second, since it’s microscopic (see above), you can’t see asbestos in the air.  You can’t feel it, hear it, taste it, or smell it either.  So you will literally NOT see mesothelioma coming.  You have to have your property professionally tested to detect a problem, and if you have one, THEN you can get it solved by pros.

Finally, though the federal government did ban asbestos in the U.S. in the 1980s, that ban lasted about a hot minute (once certain lobbyists got involved), and asbestos has been legal (yes, legal) in America ever since.  You still can’t mine asbestos or manufacture with it here, but you can import asbestos-laden products, and tons of the ugly stuff arrive on our shores every year.

So, bottom line, you’re still surrounded by asbestos, and it can still kill you.  Fun, fun, FUN!

More “Other” News

You might think it’s expensive to get your asbestos problem solved.  And it isn’t super cheap – most asbestos abatement jobs cost a couple thousand dollars, and some cost more.

But some studies estimate you (or your insurance company) will pay $11,000 to $12,000 PER MONTH for your mesothelioma treatments.  Sure, you might pay only a portion of that after your insurance foots the majority of the bill… but how’s your health insurance policy?

It could be – and I’m just guessing here – that a person (not you, of course) who would be tempted to skip asbestos abatement for financial reasons would carry the cheapest possible health insurance they could get, too.  So at some point, you might be paying most of that $12,000 every month.

It’ll be painful, and dreadful, and I’m not just referring to the costs.  We’re talking chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to prolong your life.  And then you’ll die anyway.

Talk about fun!

If you have an asbestos problem, abatement is your bargain option.  So don’t mess around with it!  Call your friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc., and help will be on the way.  We can refer you to a great asbestos testing firm, and if you have a problem, we’ll keep at it until you don’t.  One hundred percent.  And you can’t put a pricetag on clean, healthy air!