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Asbestos Abatement ‘22 – A Festive Year-End Review

… Asbestos Is Ugly All The Year, But We Are Here, Never Fear

The holiday season is nigh ‘pon conclusion,

But things are still festive!  Oh, have no illusion!

Now that it’s over, the year ’22,

We present the Asbestos Abatement Review.


You may well recall, back in cold January

We wrote to remind you asbestos is scary.

(Well, when it’s intact, it’s okay, so we blurbed;

But things can get bad when the stuff is disturbed.)


By Valentine’s Day, recall with a giggle,

We mentioned asbestos is still freakin’ legal!

(You can’t, in America, make the dang stuff,

But you can import it, and that’s bad enough.)


As we Marched through the year, we continued to say

That asbestos is ugly; you’ll learn it one day.

(Well, hopefully not, but the truth of the topic

Is that asbestos can break into shards microscopic.)


“Can I see it?” you asked, back when April was new,

“No,” we replied, but we didn’t judge you.

(We explained just what “microscopic” meant,

And most got it, but for some it made not a dent.)


“How about odors?” some asked, back in May.

“You can’t smell asbestos,” was all we could say.

(“Taste it?  Or feel it?” Some people did try,

But “No,” we repeated, in June and July.)


By August, we mentioned it’s really a rock,

It does retard flames, but that’s marketing talk.

(Asbestos was big, going back many years,

But that was before people realized the fears.)


It’s bad when it’s messed with, we said in September,

That’s when it breaks up and can hurt you.  Remember?

(It’s known to cause cancer when enough is inhaled,

And those micro shards in your lungs are impaled.)


But there is asbestos, in stuff all around,

From your pipe insulation to the tiles on the ground.

(In October we told you it’s there everywhere,

But only when disturbed is asbestos a scare.)


November, you asked us how it can be disturbed,
We told you, and hoped that you weren’t too perturbed.

(A house fire, even tiny, or plumbing disaster,

Burst pipes, bad remodel… the list is much vaster.)


But now it’s December, and we’re here to say,

Asbestos is ugly, but does not rule the day,

Problems? Call us! And then, quick as a wink,

We’ll be there to fix it, for less than you think.

Happy New Year from your friends at Asbestos Abatement, IncIt’s true: if you suspect you might have dangerous microscopic shards of asbestos floating around in your air, we can recommend a professional testing company which will help you determine whether you have a problem.. .and if you do, we’ll be there to solve that problem, and we won’t leave until your property is 100% asbestos-free. You have our word!

Remember, asbestos is ugly, and it’s in imported products all around you, including in the materials likely used to build your home.  It’s not dangerous in its solid state, but if it’s disturbed – by anything from burst pipes to a DIY project gone wrong – it’s best to get your place tested.  We want to make sure you and yours are safe and happy throughout 2023… and beyond!