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Season of Gratitude


It’s The Season Of Gratitude, And We’re Thankful

… Asbestos Doesn’t Have To Ruin Your Health, Or Your Budget

It’s the season of gratitude ‘round these parts, as indicated by the delicious Thanksgiving turkey feast you just enjoyed a few days ago.

And we all have much to be thankful for.

A partial list would include:

  • The fact that the election campaign season is finally over
  • The fact that, while they haven’t yet been mathematically eliminated, we can all relax and write the Broncos off until next year
  • The fact that the Rockies will not lose a game for the rest of the calendar year
  • The fact that inflation isn’t worse than it is (okay, this one’s a bit of a stretch)
  • The fact that you can always get good parking when you’re out holiday shopping (okay, this one’s actually a bald-faced lie).

We could go on and on, but the number one thing most people who have it are thankful for is good health.

And if they aren’t, they sure should be.

Good health is actually one of the big reasons we do what we do here at Asbestos Abatement, Inc.  Because asbestos, which is contained in dozens of products likely all around you, is a dangerous, ugly substance that has the potential to take that good health away.

Many people labor under the false assumption that asbestos is illegal in the United States.  And it was, for a hot minute about 40 years ago… but while it’s still illegal to produce asbestos or manufacture things with it here, it’s perfectly legal to import asbestos-containing materials from over there.

Tons and tons of the nasty stuff arrive on our shores every year.

In its solid, manufactured state, asbestos isn’t dangerous.  It’s when it’s disturbed, by a house fire (even a small one), a plumbing problem, or a Do-It-Yourself project gone awry, that asbestos breaks into microscopic shards that can impale themselves in your lungs and give you the kind of cancer you can’t come back from.

So one key to continued good health is to call a professional tester (we can recommend one – we don’t do it ourselves) whenever there’s the slightest chance you might have asbestos in your air.

Even so, some people are reluctant to get their place tested.  They are laboring under another false assumption, which is that asbestos abatement costs more than anyone can afford.

But asbestos abatement is surprisingly affordable.

We can’t say how much it’ll cost to fix your particular asbestos problem, but we promise we CAN fix it, 100%, and that we won’t leave until your air is perfectly cleared of the ugly stuff.

And, most likely, you won’t spend more for this promise of good health than you would for a few Broncos or Rockies tickets, if you can get those, and it’s not like you want to see those knuckleheads anyway.  Am I right?

Well, maybe next year.  Maybe both teams will be awesome next year, and well worth the exorbitant ticket price.

And even if an asbestos problem rears its ugly head in your life, if you call us and get the problem solved, you’ll be around to pay those exorbitant prices and cheer on those formerly-hapless teams.

You can’t put a price on good health, and though we can (and do) put a price on asbestos abatement, it’s not as high a price as you might think.  Certainly not as expensive as the alternative!  So check out our many enthusiastic five-star online reviews, and then give us a call.  We’ll give you one more reason to be thankful this season.