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Asbestos Testing Shuts Down Two Elementary Schools

Asbestos exposures are always bad news, but it is especially scary to think about it happening at a school filled with children. Unfortunately, it appears as though that may have taken place at three elementary schools in California.

According to the Huntington Beach Independent, at least two elementary school campuses in Huntington Beach were closed earlier this week so that asbestos testing could be performed. The newspaper reported that there are plans to carry out testing at all schools in the district.

Parents of children at the affected schools were first made aware of the issue after a district trustee filed an OSHA complaint stemming from concerns he had about the way asbestos was being removed from the schools as part of a modernization effort. Investigations are underway to determine if contractors were still removing asbestos after the school year began and children were present.

School district authorities have maintained that local schools are 100 percent safe, but parents are looking for assurances. The week before the closures, more than 100 people gathered at a community meeting to voice concerns and ask questions.

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