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Eliminate A Major Health Risk For You And Your Family

How We Make Your Place Asbestos-Free

… And Eliminate A Major Health Risk For You And Your Family

Are you a Do-It-Yourself type of person?  Maybe even a hard-core DIY-er?  That’s okay.  Who can blame you for trying to save a buck or two here or there, especially these days?

If I were in just about any other business, I might be reluctant to share The Secrets of how I do what I do, for fear that you’d go ahead and Do It Yourself, and that would cost me a project sale.

But here at Asbestos Abatement, Inc., we get rid of people’s asbestos problems.  If you have potentially-deadly cancer-causing airborne asbestos in your place, you’re not going to get rid of it without the help of a pro like me.  It’s just not a DIY type of thing.

(In fact, “DIY” might be how you got into the mess in the first place!  More on that in a few paragraphs.)

If you suspect you have asbestos in your air, don’t mess around with it.  Get your place professionally tested (we can refer you to the best testers in the business), and if there’s a problem, give your friendly friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. a call.

Here’s what’ll happen next:

  • We’ll finish our lunch.
  • Then, we’ll get to work on making your place asbestos-free.  We’ll come by with our Specialized Equipment (you don’t have this stuff), and we’ll run our own test to confirm what the professional tester found in your air.
  • (To avoid conflicts of interest, we don’t run the initial test.  Testers don’t abate, and abatement pros don’t go looking for asbestos to abate.)
  • Then comes the hard part (for you).  We have to tell you that airborne asbestos gets into everything, and that it can’t be removed from things like soft fabrics… so you’ll have to make some tough decisions on what to keep, and which of your clothes you might have to part with.
  • Next comes the other hard part (for you), because it makes it hard to enjoy our fabulous good looks: We don Special Suits that look like space suits, and we go to work sucking all those deadly particles out of your air.
  • (We’re still courteous, charming, and filled with charisma, even if you can’t see much of us.)
  • Finally, we test again to make sure your place is 100% asbestos free.  And if it isn’t, we repeat the whole thing with the space suits and the Specialized Equipment, and we keep repeating until we can’t find any asbestos in your air.
  • We dispose of the ugly stuff properly, which is another thing you absolutely can’t Do Yourself.
  • We get home for supper.  Mama’s making chili.

There you have it.  And it doesn’t cost thousands and thousands of dollars… in almost every case, our customers report that gaining the peace-of-mind they get from knowing their asbestos problem is solved cost them less than they expected!

But wait, you say.  Isn’t asbestos illegal?  But no, I say.  It was illegal in the U.S. for about a hot minute, a few decades ago, but today it is perfectly legal to import asbestos-laden products, and tons and tons of the stuff arrive in our country every year.

Prolonged exposure to asbestos is known to cause mesothelioma and other incurable lung diseases.  But since it’s fire-resistant, it rose to prominence back when fires were more feared than cancer.  When the dangers were discovered, the government banned asbestos, but they lifted the ban after a few short years.

But wait again, you say.  Isn’t it kinda rare to find any asbestos in your home, especially if it was built in the past few years?  But no again, I say.  Unfortunately, asbestos is all around us.  It could be in everything from your pipe insulation to your wall boards, even if you don’t live in an older home.

If the asbestos-containing product stays intact, the asbestos isn’t dangerous.  But since asbestos is basically an easy-to-crumble rock, if it it’s disturbed in any way, it breaks into microscopic shards which impale themselves in everything touched by your air: Your clothes, your stuffed bears, your lungs.

A small house fire, or a broken pipe in the basement, can cause such a disturbance.

And that’s where that DIY danger comes in, too.  If you start busting down walls or pulling up floor tiles, you (yes, you) might be creating a problem with airborne asbestos in your place.

Who knew?  You ask.

If you think you might have airborne asbestos, get your place professionally tested.  And if there’s a problem, give us a call.  We’ll fix it.  It’s the only way to get that peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you’ve eliminated a major health risk in your life.  Also, it’s the only way you get to see our cool space suits.  Win-win!