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The Scary Truth About Asbestos… And The Happiest Ending You Could Hope For

Here we are, smack in the middle of another spooky fall season.  What makes it spooky?  The weather, rotten world events, inflation, slasher movies, holiday weight gain, and the Broncos, for starters.  Then, of course, there’s Halloween.

But is there anything scarier than asbestos?

As highly-qualified and distractingly-attractive asbestos abatement professionals, your friends here at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. are well aware of the spookiness of asbestos.  But the thing we find even spookier is knowing some of the crazy things people believe about asbestos:

  • Asbestos?  Yeah, but isn’t that illegal?  No.  No, it isn’t.  Asbestos was illegal for a brief period about 40 years ago, and it still can’t be mined or manufactured in the U.S… but it’s perfectly legal to import the ugly stuff.  As a result, tons and tons of asbestos-laden products arrive here every year.
  • Yeah, but asbestos isn’t really as dangerous as they say.  Wrong again.  Asbestos is spooky-dangerous.  In its manufactured state, it’s not deadly, but when it’s disturbed – even by something as simple as a broken basement pipe or a bad DIY project, it breaks into microscopic shards o’death that you can’t see coming, but have been shown to cause incurable cancers.
  • Yeah, but, don’t I have to have been in the Navy or something to have dangerous levels of asbestos exposure?  I’ve seen those lawyer commercials.  First, you only wish you’d served in the Navy.  Second, an airborne asbestos problem at your place, if ignored, could absolutely lead to enough exposure for yourself and your family to create a very scary situation.
  • Yeah, but isn’t the fire-retardant quality of asbestos worth the cancer risk?  Are you seriously asking me this question?  If you’re gonna smoke in bed, or try to deep-fry your own Thanksgiving turkey in your kitchen, then maybe you need extra fire protection.  But if there’s a fire in your place, that’s just one more way asbestos might be released into your air… so many building materials these days contain asbestos (even in newer homes), a house fire – even a small one – can contaminate your air to spookily dangerous asbestos levels.

Maybe people who believe these things are possessed (there’s a spooky theory for you).  Maybe there’s a demon named “YeahBut” who whispers these lies into their ears and causes them to believe insane things, such as “asbestos is illegal,” or “asbestos isn’t dangerous,” or “the Broncos are playoff bound!”

But if you end up with airborne asbestos at your place, one of two stories could unfold.  First, you could ignore the problem, breathe in the asbestos over the years, and finally end up in a situation that would require you to get your affairs in order.

OR, you could have your place properly tested (we can refer you to the best testers in the business), and then have your smart and good-looking friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. over to take care of the problem.  We’ll keep at it until your air is 100% asbestos-free, and for an extra charge, we’ll perform an exorcism and remove YeahBut from your soul.

(Okay, that last part is made up, but we’ll definitely get rid of the asbestos.)

And it won’t cost as much as you probably believe.

After all, you might be believing some weird stuff.

Asbestos is scary, but the happy ending is available to you.  Just think of the contamination that never happened, or the mesothelioma lung cancer that never had a chance to form!  That’s the happy ending your friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. wish for you.  That, and a happy autumn, no matter what happens to the Broncos.