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Here’s What You’ll Be Thankful For NEXT Year


… An Asbestos FREE Home Or Business!

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we can all be thankful for that.

Especially a guy we know named Bob (not his real name, which is Francis), who had his whole extended family over to his place for Turkey Day.

Bob’s Cousin Gertie insisted on cooking the turkey, and since Bob doesn’t know an oven from a table saw, he was happy to oblige her.

Only Gertie is basically a disaster waiting to happen.  Not only did her “work” in the kitchen cause a small fire, she also gouged a few big holes in Bob’s drywall trying to get the serving cart through the dining room door.

Bob’s nephew, Travis, is a self-proclaimed handyman.  He offered to help set things in order for Uncle Bob.  Once Travis was “finished,” though, Bob had even more giant holes in his drywall, plus the blackened kitchen he was left with when Gertie and her husband got in the car and went back to Kansas.

Luckily (for him), Bob is a regular reader of this space, and he understood the perils of “disturbed” building materials in his home.

See, many people who don’t have Bob’s keen awareness will tell you that there’s no such thing as Santa, and there’s no such thing as asbestos.  After all, they say, asbestos was outlawed years ago.  Right?

Wrong, knuckleheads.  Asbestos was illegal for about a hot minute, roughly 40 years ago, but once the lobbyists got to work on that, the ban didn’t last for long.  You still can’t mine or manufacture stuff with asbestos in this country, but you can import it all you want.

So, since it’s basically a cheap material, foreign companies make lots of stuff that contains asbestos, and they ship tons and TONS of it to the U.S. every year.

As an astute follower of this blog, Bob knew that, even though his home is not that old, his drywall is likely full of asbestos.  And now that Gertie and Travis have done their fine work on his walls, he likely had airborne asbestos in his home.

Here’s another thing Bob learned from reading this blog: Airborne asbestos is dangerous.  Not just “you could get the sniffles” dangerous, but “your family could use a good probate attorney” dangerous.

So Bob called his professionally-qualified and distractingly-attractive friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc., and they recommended a top-flight tester who came in and tested the air in his home.

Once it was determined that Bob did, indeed, have an airborne asbestos problem, he didn’t mess around. He again called his friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc., and within a few days, his asbestos problem was solved.

Completely, and forever.

Well, at least until the next time Gertie and Travis drop by.

If you suspect you might have airborne asbestos at your place, call us, and we’ll recommend a professional testing company which can put your mind at ease (we don’t do the testing ourselves – that would be a conflict of interest).  If there’s a problem, check out our many glowing five-star online reviews, then give us a call.  We’ll make your air 100% asbestos free.  And THAT is what you’ll be thankful for this time NEXT year.