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Ho Ho Ho Asbestos!!

The Jolly Cost Of Asbestos Abatement

… It’s WAY Less Than The Cost Of Asbestos And Its Risks


Now, during the holiday season, it’s a perfect time to discuss festive, joyful topics like asbestos abatement.


As we spend time with family and friends, and we snuggle together by the fire with a favorite beverage, what comfort and joy we experience when we figure we’re not soon going to be gasping our last, as asbestos-caused diseases like mesothelioma send us to an early meeting with our Maker.


What… you’re NOT sure?  You’re worried about asbestos at home or work, and the monstrous threats it poses to life and health… but you think you can’t afford to do anything about it?


Well, then, this discussion does indeed come at the perfect time.  Because the cost of asbestos abatement is probably lower than you think… and it’s certainly WAY lower than the costs associated with the asbestos itself.


You may recall when that one guy, Jacob Marley, dropped by his pal Ebenezer’s place to warn him of his (Ebenezer’s) impending doom.  We all know the story.  What you don’t know (because we’re making it up right now) is that Marley had died those seven Christmas Eves earlier from… exposure to asbestos!


So, Marley-like, your friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc. are here at this festive season of the year to offer you that same kinda Hope and Chance of Salvation… salvation from the ugly lump-of-coal-type threat of asbestos!



You Can’t Afford To Ignore The Asbestos Threat


Now, before we go all clanking-around wearing the chains we forged in life as asbestos-ignorant Marleys, let’s pump the brakes and bring you a little more comfort than Jacob gave old Ebenezer Scrooge.


Yes, there’s asbestos all around your life, from the construction materials used to build your home or business property to the textiles you’ve worn or slept with your entire life.  Even some jewelry (yes, jewelry, as in bling-bling) is made with asbestos!


And yes, asbestos is still legal in the United States, even though the federal government did try to rein it in a few decades ago.  Maybe it’s a surprise to you, but while asbestos is no longer manufactured here, tons and tons of it are imported into our country every year.  It’s ugly.  But it’s legal.


And yes, if it’s disturbed in any way, from breaking down walls and ceilings during a DIY home improvement project to a flood or fire (or other unforeseen and uncontrollable disaster), asbestos breaks into microscopic little airborne assassin-fibers that you can’t see, but can easily inhale (to the possible destruction of your health).


But here’s the comfort (such as it is): as long as it’s undisturbed, and left in its solid manufactured state, asbestos doesn’t pose much of a threat.


You might inhale some at any time… being around someone who’s worked in an unhealthy asbestos-laden environment, or passing through a building that has a problem, or even breathing in some dust that kicks up outside in the Colorado breeze… but your body can generally handle a small amount.


It’s sustained exposure over time that can get you… and it can take decades before the symptoms appear.


Jacob Marley himself might appear in your bedroom before your persistent cough shows up.



But It Costs Money To Test For Asbestos And Get Rid Of It!


‘Tis true.  Asbestos problems have to be removed by professionals, using the right equipment, experience and know-how to do the job right.


They come in wearing “space suits” and breathing apparati (apparatuses?  Reminds me of the old song I Want An Apparatus For Christmas, I believe was the title).


These experts temporarily shut down your HVAC system, seal everything up, get rid of the asbestos-containing bad stuff, put it in leak-proof containers, haul it away in special vehicles, and vacuum and wipe and test until they’re sure your air is 100% asbestos-free.


Sound like that’ll take weeks?  Well, for most projects, it’s only a matter of a few days.


Sound spendy?  Well, no two jobs are the same, and commercial asbestos abatement can run into the five-figure range for major problems, no denying it.


Only a professional testing/abatement company can estimate what your project will cost.


But according to a nationwide survey, the average cost of asbestos abatement in the U.S. is just $20-$65 per square foot, with most homeowners paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 to $3,000.




That’s a lot of comfort and joy for not-that-much in terms of “figgy pudding” invested!


So give yourself a present and check it out today!  Make sure you and your loved ones are not the sad unfortunate Marleys for whom the jingle bells toll.



Happy Holidays from your friends at Asbestos Abatement, Inc., who are here to remind you that asbestos is ugly… but that getting rid of it is more affordable than you’d expect.  You can do this!  And if you do have an asbestos problem, there’s nothing like a call to your friends here to bring comfort and joy to your holidays, and to make 2020 healthy, merry, and bright.