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Asbestos is still legal? WTF?

The risks of asbestos exposure in the home
Asbestos exposure in the home is a situation that many homeowners cope with yearly, despite the common
belief that asbestos is banned or have been relegated to a distant time in history. However, neither of these is
true and, as a result, there’s a chance you and your family may be exposed to asbestos in your home right
When you’re concerned about the chance of exposure, expert help is necessary to ensure that the asbestos
removal process is handled safely and efficiently. One way to find out what you’re dealing with in your home
is to have asbestos exposure testing.
You always want to make sure your testing is done by technicians with the necessary experience. Our
technicians meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration training requirements as well as state
licensing and certification for Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act compliance.
Situations where asbestos exposure may be an issue
Common situations that involve asbestos exposure and subsequent removal include:
Structural damage due to a fire
Flood or other water damage
Wind or other damage due to a natural disaster
The building materials where asbestos may be an issue include:
Sheetrock joint compound
Popcorn ceiling, also known as spray-applied ceiling texture
Pipe wrap
Vinyl flooring
What about household exposure in general?
Sometimes consumers are exposed to asbestos in unusual settings, such as the toy crime scene kits that made
news because of the materials in its fingerprinting powder. It bears keeping in mind the fact that asbestos is
legal in the United States, despite a previous Environmental Protection Agency ban and awareness of the
health issues that exposure causes.
The ban in question lasted from 1989 until 1991 when the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals struck it down. Since
then, there has been a risk of exposure from building materials that anyone should be aware of. If you have a
house built before 1950, there may be a bigger exposure risk. Testing your home is not only helpful but it can
also bring you peace of mind as well.
Our experts at Asbestos Abatement Inc. are standing by to help you with any asbestos issues in your home.
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