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Home Buyers Should Check for Asbestos, Lead and Other Risks Before Purchasing

Before you purchase your home, you should do everything you can to make sure that it’ll be a safe place for you and your family to live. This is why it’s highly recommended that you verify that there are no asbestos and lead risks inside of the home before making a purchase.

To ensure you can avoid potential health risks of asbestos or lead exposure, here are some basic facts you should keep in mind as a home buyer.

Asbestos Facts

  • Asbestos is a fibrous inorganic material that is commonly found in the insulation used around boilers and pipes, some plasters and floor tile.
  • Asbestos can be dangerous to your health when it is in poor condition, such as in older model homes. It is carcinogenic and can lead to lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Lead Facts

  • Lead can be found in lead-based paint as well as certain water pipes. Young children are the most at-risk when it comes to lead poisoning because they sometimes unknowingly put bits of flaking paint in their mouths. Even just breathing in dust from the paint can be harmful to children.
  • It is required that the seller tell you about any paint in the home that’s known to be lead-based. You should also be given 10 days to complete risk assessments or inspections that will determine the presence of lead-based paint. If the home is built before 1978, the seller is required to give you a pamphlet about EPA-approved lead hazard abatement, according to federal regulations.

Remove the Problem

If home inspections reveal the presence of either of these hazardous substances, don’t worry, there is a solution to the problem. Denver asbestos removal services from Asbestos Abatement Inc. have successfully cleared asbestos threats from many residential and commercial properties. We also are a trusted provider of lead removal in Denver.

For any threats facing your current or future home, call 303-794-4450 for a fast and safe solution!

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