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Does Your Home Have Vermiculite Insulation?

Vermiculite is a mineral that once was commonly used in home attics as thermal insulation. Because it was such a popular building material from the 1920s until the late 1980s, it is still found in the ceiling joist cavities of many homes today.

Roughly 80 percent of the vermiculite used in US homes before 1990 was produced by a mine outside of Libby, MT. In 1990, when it was discovered that this mine was heavily contaminated with asbestos, builders began to look elsewhere for vermiculite supply.

Recognizing Vermiculite

There are different types of insulation that can be used for homes — vermiculite happens to be loose filled insulation that is mixed with small grade gravel nuggets. It has a texture that is soft and squeezable, similar to popcorn. It typically has different colors mixed together, like silver, dark brown, gold, light brown and gray.

What to Do if You Have Old Vermiculite

If you have vermiculite in your home that was installed prior to 1990, you should treat it as you would asbestos. It’s a good idea to have it tested to be sure you know what you’re dealing with.

If you find that your insulation does pose a threat, your next step should be to fully eradicate the problem with professional asbestos removal in Denver. Asbestos not only threatens the health of your family, but it also may significantly lower the value of your property.

The safest and financially smartest decision is to hire licensed Denver asbestos removal professionals.

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