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Is asbestos illegal?

So… Much… Asbestos….

… And Every Wicked Ton Being Imported Today Is UGLY


Let’s have a fun little discussion about two things that many people think of as “illegal” – asbestos, and marijuana.


Now, what you do on your own time is your business.  If you want to build a house out of pot, or smoke asbestos, hey, you’re free to do so.  And who are we to judge?


But, wow, what ugly notions BOTH of those would be.  If we WERE to judge you, we’d judge you to be absolutely koo-koo-birds cray-cray for doing either of those things.


That said, which do you suppose would be legal?


Probably both.


And which do you suppose would be less toxic and dangerous to your health?


The Mary Jane House would be less dangerous, by far, end of discussion!



Yes, Asbestos Is Legal.  More Legal Than Dope.


“What?” you exclaim.  “With all the horrific health dangers posed by asbestos, I thought they banned that stuff LONG ago!”


Well, they did.  Asbestos WAS illegal in the United States, for about one hot minute back about 30 years ago.  But that government regulation didn’t last long… something about money, politics, money, insider information, lawsuits, and money… and now, dangerous as it still is, asbestos is legal in the U.S.


Now, you can’t manufacture products which contain asbestos in this country any longer.  But you can still use such products made in other countries, and those products are still being imported into the U.S. at what many sane grown-ups would consider to be an alarming rate.


So, let’s review:


  • There are still some states where it’s illegal to grow, sell, or use marijuana…
    • But there are no states where you can’t get your hands on stuff made with filthy, ugly asbestos.


  • You’re not really supposed to bring marijuana into the United States from another country…
    • But tons of potentially-cancer-causing asbestos-containing products are arriving on our shores from overseas all the time.


  • Marijuana, as restricted as it still is, has been shown to maybe kinda sometimes possibly have some bad effects on a person’s health…
    • Free-flowing asbestos, on the other hand, has been categorically proven to cause mesothelioma (deadly lung cancer) and other ugly health problems if it’s disturbed from its solid state and extensively exposed to humans.


It’s true.  Asbestos: More dangerous, and more legal, than weed.



But Wait!  There’s More


And – get this – asbestos imports are actually ON THE RISE in the U.S.  Yes, rules and restrictions have actually been relaxed, and it’s easier than ever for asbestos-containing products to make their way into your life.


Everything from insulation, to building materials, to jewelry (no kidding!) is being made these days with asbestos.  These products are manufactured outside the U.S., but then imported to us and used extensively.


You don’t have to panic – as long as asbestos is left undisturbed, it isn’t much of a threat to your health.  You probably get a slight whiff of asbestos every now and then, just from walking around in the dusty Rocky Mountain west.  Your body can handle a little of the ugly stuff.


But when it’s disturbed – when, say, your pipes burst and your basement floods, or there’s a fire in the neighborhood (God forbid) – asbestos breaks into microscopic airborne killers that float around in the air and can be inhaled fairly easily, much to the detriment of your health.


Again, small exposures probably won’t hurt you… but prolonged exposure can do worse than hurt.



It costs less than you think to have your property tested for asbestos, and to have it abated.  It certainly costs less than what you’ll pay (not only in dollars) for the problems asbestos can bring to your life.  Call us today, and you’ll be on your way to new peace-of-mind right away.  No matter how much asbestos they shovel into our country!