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You can’t see asbestos?

You Can’t See Asbestos In The Air

… Which Is Part Of What Makes It So Sneakily Dangerous

I have pretty good eyesight.  People I know will tell you that, when it comes to seeing the things I look at, I’m not bad.

For instance, I can see:

  • When the light turns green
  • The difference between a hammer and a hub cap
  • The buttons on my phone
  • Well enough to write a check
  • Why my wife often rolls her eyes when I tell a joke
  • Clearly now (the rain is gone).

But I can’t see asbestos in the air.

That’s right.  Even I, an experienced and expert asbestos professional, equipped with the powerful hawk-like vision described above, cannot see asbestos in the air.

… And Neither Can Anyone Else

During the course of my long and storied career as an asbestos abatement professional, I’ve made an exhaustive study of the reason I can’t see asbestos, and I’m happy to report my findings here:

As it turns out, asbestos particles in the air are “microscopic.”

(That means you can’t see them.)

Also, as it turns out, you can’t hear, taste, feel, or smell asbestos in the air.

That also means that the cloth face covering we’re all wearing around these days can’t give us much protection from airborne asbestos.  Trying to keep microscopic particles out of your face by wearing a cloth mask is about like trying to keep mosquitos out of your yard by putting up a chain-link fence.

This is important for one big one-word reason: mesothelioma.  That’s a form of lung cancer for which there’s no cure.  You can’t “get well” once you’ve contracted mesothelioma… and airborne asbestos is known to cause it.

But while you’re probably surrounded by asbestos – it’s still perfectly legal to import building materials loaded with the stuff, and those materials are most-likely built into your home or office – you don’t have to worry about it as long as those materials remain intact.

It’s when those asbestos-laden materials are disturbed – as in the case of broken water pipe, a house fire (even a small one), or a badly-botched DIY project – that the asbestos breaks into microscopic airborne shards of destruction.

Shards you can’t see… but you can definitely inhale, much to your detriment.

Even through your cloth face covering.

Is There Any Way Out Of This Horror?

Sure there is.

Just because I can’t see asbestos, that doesn’t mean I can’t see a way out of this mess for you, your family, and your friends at work.

First, if you have any reason to suspect that asbestos has been “disturbed” on your property, get the place properly and professionally tested.  That’s the only way to know conclusively whether or not you have an asbestos problem.

If you do, call me up.  Our crew will arrive at your property in full-on “space suits” (far more effective than cloth masks), and we’ll get rid of the stuff.  We’ll suck it out of your air, and off your surfaces, and then we’ll re-test to make sure your place is asbestos-free.

We’ll keep sucking and testing until all the asbestos is gone.  Guaranteed.

And we’ll dispose of everything properly, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques that help us ensure the environment is fully protected – and that your asbestos won’t become someone else’s horror in the future.

It costs less than you probably think to get rid of your asbestos problem.  The cost is certainly less than the cost of putting yourself and your people at risk of deadly mesothelioma!  Yes, there IS a way out… and it’s as close as your phone.  That’s that thing in your pocket with the tiny (but still visible) buttons.